Use Multi Time Tracker to make time tracking smarter

In the next 10 minutes, I am going to help you unlock the full potential of Multi Time Tracker.

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You have already taken the first step to increase your performance. Now you should apply your first settings and set up the add-on.

Here are a few tips for a successful setup of Multi Time Tracker:

 Make time tracking smarter

Enter any issue you want to work on and start the Multi Time Tracker. The tracker now automatically adds the issue to the list you can see in the tracker. After starting the tracker you can now freely roam around your Jira instance and the tracker will automatically track the times you spend on every issue you have entered.

 Log work for multiple users at once

Open the log work screen of the Multi Time Tracker, by clicking on the upwards point arrow in the tracker. In the log work screen you can see all the tracked issues and you can decide, for which users you want to log the time. With this feature you can log work for multiple users with a single click.

 Add individual comments for each issue

To add comments to the work logs you open the log work screen of the Multi Time Tracker again. There you can once again see all the tracked issues and get the possibility to add an inidivdual comment to each issue that was tracked. Next to adding and individual comment, you can also add a general comment that is taken for all tracked issues that do not have an individual comment.