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Configure Portfolio and Epic Sum Up

Configure Portfolio


It is recommended to create a new issuetype and using that for the new hierarchy level.

  1. Navigate to the Advanced Roadmaps "Hierarchy configuration"
  2. Add a new level to the hierarchy
  3. Assign any issuetype to the new level of the hierarchy
  4. Save the hierarchy

Configure Epic Sum Up


The issuetypes that are used in the Hierarchy levels of Advanced Roadmaps, can not be used as Containers!

  1. Navigate to the Epic Sum Up "Configuration"
  2. Add a new issuetype to the "Treat issuetypes as container" list
  3. Add the Advanced Roadmaps issuetype and the Container issuetype to the "Issuetypes with Summary Panel" list
  4. Save the settings

Build a structure


It is not possible to use the Parent Link and the Container Link at the same time. When both are set up for an issue, only the Parent Link is working.

Create an Advanced Roadmaps structure

  1. Add the "Parent link" custom field to all necessary screens
  2. Create a new issuetype of the highest hierarchy level (in this case Initiative)
  3. Create an epic or open any epic in Jira and define the Parent link to link it to the initiative
  4. Build any structure you like below the epic
  5. Navigate to the initiative and see the summed up data in the Summary Panel on the right

Create a Container structure

  1. Add the "Container link" custom field to all necessary screens
  2. Create a new Container issuetype
  3. Either use the created Advanced Roadmaps structure or create a new issue and define the Container link to link it to the Container
  4. Navigate to the Container and view the full structure and summed up data